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Development site promotion

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Applying for planning permission too soon can be a risky strategy. Promoting a site for development through the development plan process is sometimes a better option.

We take an independent and expert view of each development. Our detailed knowledge of the development plan process and the housing and employment land supply requirements makes Vision Planning an ideal partner for getting developments promoted in an emerging plan.

Typically, we would:

Produce a planning appraisal2022-01-05T09:30:52+00:00

This report provides guidance on how likely it is that you will get planning permission, what you are likely to get permission for, and your best strategy for obtaining it.

Monitor development plans2022-01-05T09:30:52+00:00

There is often a good time and a bad time to promote a site for future development or to prepare and submit a planning application.  We monitor the development plan situation to ensure that you get the timing just right.

Promote your site via a “Call for sites” or otherwise2022-01-05T09:30:52+00:00

In order to get your site allocated for future development, you will need to promote it through the emerging development plan.

At particular times in the development plan process, local planning authorities “call for sites” (i.e. they ask developers and landowners for details of potential development sites).

We will present your site in the best way to encourage the Council to select it and can make representations throughout the development plan process to keep pushing it for allocation.

Appear at examination2022-01-05T09:30:52+00:00

Each development plan needs to be independently examined by a Planning Inspector. We prepare and submit representations, and can appear at the examination on your behalf.

To discuss how we can help get your site allocated through the development plan process, please get in touch.

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