Residential Developments

If you need planning permission for a new residential development, however large or small, we can help.

Stuart has successfully applied for planning permission for numerous housing sites, ranging from small developments on infill plots to larger housing developments on greenfield and brownfield sites.

In some cases, this involved promoting the site through the development plan first; in other cases the site’s development was acceptable in principle, so the development’s design becomes the focus of the application; and in some the application was made in the full knowledge that the proposal was contrary to the development plan, so other material consideration, such a shortage of housing land supply, was used to gain permission.

Stuart has a good track record of success with planning applications. Sometimes, particularly where local politics is involved, the chances of approval via appeal are higher than approval from the Council. In this scenario, submitting an application on the basis that it is likely to go to appeal can be a strategic decision, and Stuart has achieved planning permission for residential developments based on this longer term strategy.

Stuart works diligently and thoroughly to ensure that the application has the best chance of success and will work with the local Council to ensure that any issues are ironed out after the application is submitted.

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