Chichester neighbourhood plan

Stuart has helped Parish Councils and local community groups to produce Chichester neighbourhood plans.

This advice can relate to issues at specific stages of the process, or more comprehensive help to produce a neighbourhood plan from start to finish.

Stuart managed Chichester’s Local Plan a few years ago, so he understands what is involved in producing a development plan document such as a neighbourhood plan. This includes engaging the local community to ensure that the plan meets their aspirations and concerns, and ensuring that it is produced and written in a way that meets the statutory tests (for a neighbourhood plan, these are known as basic conditions).

Depending on how much help you need, we can help with planning the public engagement process. This may involve reviewing existing evidence and gathering new evidence to justify the plan’s policies and drafting plan policies and supporting text. In the rare case that the neighbourhood plan examination goes to a hearing, appearing at the hearing.

We understand that neighbourhood plans are produced by non-experts and that this can make the process daunting. We will ensure that you understand everything you need to know, to enable you to produce a successful neighbourhood plan.

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